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Sunflower competitions and embracing failure

Posted by Dawn Isaac on 21 Sep 2009 at 11:16 AM

Dried sunflower head

"You're not going to win, but it's OK, isn't it?"


This is a phrase I'm trotting out on a daily basis at the moment as this month is result time in the school sunflower growing competition.

I'm not actually sure if I'm saying it for my sake or my daughter's but we could both do with getting a bit of perspective.

The truth is, we were just a bit too kind to our dear sunflowers which grew fat and self-satisfied and quite frankly couldn't be bothered with that whole 'height' thing.

2.25 metres is never going to win anything, but we have at least managed to grow some impressively large sunflower heads.

So now I'm trying to distract Ava with the unforeseen benefits of having an enormous harvest of seeds.  We can feed the birds with them, they can produce their own seed packets, use them to make a seed necklace, cook them up for nutritious snacks, or use them as poker counters (you're never too young to learn).

"So you see darling, it's nearly better than winning the competition, isn't it?"

Yeah, right! Who am I kidding?


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