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Andy Mcindoe

First day on site

Posted by Andy McIndoe on 16 May 2010 at 09:56 AM

The First Day on Site The first day on site seemed to have gone pretty well by the time I left. The Team: Neil, Nigel, Pete and Steve had unloaded the lorries, covered the site with polythene, and marked out the plan by the time I arrived just before midday.  Brian from organicstone was there with the paving sorting it with his usual care and attention to detail ready for laying. The Venetian palace, a new stone structure by Redwood stone is an additional challenge for the construction team this year. 

They have built similar in the past so have a good idea of what’s involved.  This, along with the paving, edging, pool, stature plinths and the arrival of the big trees on Saturday means there is a lot to do. 

I have arranged a little extra manpower to help with offloading and moving plant material to take some pressure off the construction crew – I hope its enough! I felt much more confident as the afternoon moved on. They had built the base of the palace – up to 3 courses of quoins by four o’clock and intended to make a start on the paving. Tomorrow will be the next three layers or so – then the paving.  We have to build up in layers to let the mortar go off between building sessions. Tim and the Redwood Stone team are on site for the weekend so are on hand to help if necessary. 

The Pavilion seems a little more pleasant this year.  The grass has been nicely cut and prepared and dust is being kept to a minimum with water – long may it continue. There are also more exhibitors inside making a start.  The City of Birmingham Chinook helicopter is in position and hovering. This type of carpet bedding display is always a crowd pleaser and was so much a feature of Chelsea in days gone by.

 The strangest thing about the first day on site is that it seems as if you’ve never been away. The security man on the gate was just the same, Jim was stewarding as ever in the Pavilion. Some body new always gets a bee in their bonnet about something – all the old hands shrug, carry on and take no notice. None of us can ever believe it’s a year since we were here last.  It feels like we’ve had a day or two off and then returned. Am I glad to be back? – yes, of course – at the moment. Will it be a good show? Am I pleased with the design? Ask me in a week’s time and I’ll tell you.



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