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Andy Mcindoe

No going back.............

Posted by Andy McIndoe on 13 May 2010 at 05:59 PM

With so much action on site already it may seem that Hillier are a bit tardy in setting out for London.  The Great Pavillion is different - you can't start until its up. Tomorrow, Friday, is the first day we can get in site to begin the hard landscaping.  Nigel, one of the construction team spent the day loading the first lorry with all the tackle we take with us.  Timber buildings, paving, blocks, sand and ballast will all be delivered direct to site.

The first four - the construction team will start out early tomorrow morning - hopefully arriving just ahead of our lorry - them its unloading with a view to starting to lay foundations and paving straight after lunch.  The first thing we do is to cover the site - The Monument - with polythene.  You can't dig down in The Pavilion - everything has to be built up instead.  Then its full steam ahead before the plants start pouring in next Tuesday.  The only plants that go in early are the big trees - These are the foundations of the planting and we take around twenty or so in containers up to 600litre.  These will be joined by double the number of smaller trees early next week.  The big trees get loaded tomorrow and arrive on site on Saturday.

Back on the nursery some things are still slow to bloom.  Cold nights and chilly days are proving a problem with some subjects but as there are around 3,500 plants in the display it would be surprising if it all went swimmingly. 

I was amused to read in the paper this morning that growers were using extra heating and artificial lights to make sure all those Chelsea blooms  are in perfect condition for the show.  That might be true in some cases but I don't know many hardy nursery stock growers with heated glass and artificial lighting at their fingetips. Still it was a relief to read something about Chelsea after wading through pages of election aftermath.



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