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Andy Mcindoe

Is this really May?

Posted by Andy McIndoe on 09 May 2010 at 07:04 PM

I blame the BBC - they wanted to talk about the weather - lots of "jeopardy".  At that point I really believed warm days and sunshine were just around the corner - how wrong could I be.  Yesterday (Saturday) was really a miserable day in the garden - cold, dry with a chilling wind and so overcast it barely got light! The sort of day you can cope with in December because its over at 4p.m.! 

I visited the nursery on Friday and had a look at some of the show plants with Rick - the roses look great, but those buds are tiny - like petit pois! The rhododendrons are OK although some of those are reluctant.  The Digitalis 'Serendipity' a new plant launch might be OK for Hampton Court - can't see it at Chelsea.  The philadelphus? - dream on!. 

We start on site on Friday so the days are really slipping by now. Four days to get everything up together in the way of equipment and hard landscaping materials and load up. Rick and I will finally select the trees on Wednesday - expect we'll make a few changes because some simply are not in full leaf.  The most important thing is to make sure we take just the amount of big trees - those in 200litre+ containers. We can't afford to take too many - what goes to london goes in the exhibit. We also can't underestimate - Its a big plot in a big space so it needs the vertical structure that the big trees provide.

When we did our initial selection in October we chose quitre a few pines, thujas and cedars. I'd rather gone off the idea of these but now think we'll end up using them. 

The middle layer of the planting picture may also be a bit lacking.  The cornus are not good this year.  Last year they were - this year they are having an off season.  Rick blames the season - I reckon some of the regular performers are just getting a bit sick of being in their pots!

Radio Solent today - gardening questions and always a good insight into weather forecast for the week. Sounds dreary - no real change! Looks like the blue flannel suit for Press day - and I'll definitely pack the thermals!


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