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Andy Mcindoe

Chelsea Countdown

Posted by Andy McIndoe on 21 Apr 2010 at 01:13 PM

Well despite the warm weather last weekend, a frantically busy week on the nursery and a cloud of volcanic ash everything seems to be going OK.  Spoke to Ricky this morning and he reports that they are back on track with the plant preparation.  I never knew they were off track - so that's good news.  It's always funny how the season catches up.  Only a few days ago we were all talking about how behind things are this year.  Then a few days of sunshine and the wisteria buds are unfurling and showing colour on the front of Ampfield House - Hillier HQ.

Poor light levels are always the biggest obstacle in terms of plant preparation and for the past couple of weeks they have been really good.  Up to now little need for the cold store, but I think that may change in the next few days.  The roses look better than ever this year - I must say it would be good to have plenty of nice roses for Moroccan Magic - one of the themed areas of the exhibit.  My biggest concern is the trees.  You never quite know what's going to come into leaf in time, and how good that leaf canopy will be.  What looks unlikely to make it now may be perfect in a couple of weeks.

Had a Chelsea meeting this morning to discuss the various features on the exhibit and details like tickets, car park passes and paraphenalia.  Then the most important thing - what colour vests the girls are going to wear under their craghoppers shirts.  I have insisted that the boys get them too - why should we go cold?

I do start to feel a ripple of anxiety as soon as the word May confronts me when I turn a page in my diary - it suddenly all seems so horibbly close.  All those details that could wait can't anymore - I know the next couple of weeks will evaporate.  Anyway, this is supposed to be an Adventure in Gardening so its time to get excited and get on with it.......................


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