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Plenty of Beds but no rest ...

Posted by Alison Mundie on 24 Feb 2009 at 12:52 PM

The snow has gone at last, thank goodness, so work continues apace on the raised bed building in the new productive area.   Once beds are drilled and screwed together, the fun bit of lining them up on the ground to fit the design begins - not always as straightforward as it sounds, especially on a site that slopes in several directions with an uneven surface.   Much time is spent squinting along lines to get beds straight on the important edges, eg. along paths.  The beds have legs to secure them into the ground, and they all have to be hammered into place, to the right level, and without the beds twisting - another interesting challenge.  After digging over the compacted soil in the bottom of each bed, we have started transferring the saved kitchen garden soil into the beds, along with mushroom compost and composted manure.  It really begins to feel as if we will be able to sow and plant this spring.   Next will be getting the paths in.  Can't wait for that - no more slipping about in the mud!  

Inside, we've been sorting out the seed for the year into the week in which it is sown, either in the greenhouse or directly outside.  Labelled divider cards separate the weeks (eg. Week 9, Week 10, etc) and make it a straightforward matter to pick out the weeks' sowing as it comes up, and means you are less likely to forget things!   Anything to be repeat sown is simply moved on into the week when it is to be next sown.  Most of our stuff is from week 9 (early March), although we have got the onions and leeks done already.   Its certainly a juggling act at the moment trying to build the new productive area, get ready for Veg Day on 7th March, and start our seed sowing!!!!



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