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Extreme Gardening

Posted by Alison Mundie on 05 Feb 2009 at 03:14 PM

Despite the current ‘challenging' weather, work is progressing apace in the new productive area, and we have discovered one of the muddiest garden tasks ever.  Yes, lugging turf pieces to build the stacks for 2 days on the trot was truly dirty and very hard work. Add the slippery thawing frost on clay and you get extreme gardening, plus the new winter Olympic sport of mudskiing! 

The turf stacks - variously called shooting butts, gun turrets, hideyholes, so far - look really good now they're finished.  As well as being a great way to use up turf removed for new beds, etc, - they can make a fun garden structure that's also a growing frame, and eventually a heap of lovely compost! 

And now we have several inches of snow, which is much prettier than the mud, but makes it difficult to mark out the raised bed areas for veg growing.  The bit we managed to get done reminded me why its always best to stick to straight sides and right angles - trying to get the angles right along the curved path edge was murder, especially when you're braindead from days of turfstacking!   The recycled plastic beds have arrived and building them is the next task for us.   

There's plenty to do inside however - propagation sheets for the area are just about finished, and we're also planning the Grow Your Own Day to be held on 7 March - the first of the Grow Your Own series of events to be held in 2009.

The new site looks beautiful in the snow today, especially our ‘iced' turfstacks, now being likened to stollen.  The mud is just a distant memory....unlike clearing snow off the paths, a daily task at the moment. 


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