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Veg on the Move!

Posted by Alison Mundie on 05 Nov 2008 at 02:57 PM



Visitors to Harlow Carr will notice lots of activity in the kitchen garden over the coming weeks – veg growing is moving to a temporary site elsewhere in the garden, so that work can start on our new Learning Centre.  Gardeners are currently busy lifting perennial veg plants, taking cuttings, etc, and will move on to dismantling the existing beds and fencing, with the aim of recycling as much as possible.   Lovingly nurtured soil from the raised beds will be stored and reused in the new area.  The area is now closed to the public, but its possible to see what’s going on from over the kitchen garden fence.    We are going to be moving to an area just below the new Alpine House, and there are lots of positives, despite the work involved.  For a start it’s a more sheltered area than the current wind-swept hillside!  Its also an opportunity to redesign the raised beds, widen the range of plants grown and incorporate some new ideas.    Progress is good, with the main paths and drains in place, and some of the soil levelling completed.   Over the winter we will be preparing the soil, installing fencing and planting hedges, and building raised beds ready for spring.    Plans for the new area include raised vegetable beds, herbs, a cut flower area, containers, and more fruit, as well as some interesting new elements to link in with the developing forest garden, such as growing our own plant supports.   Watch this space…..    



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