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Final Feast

Posted by Alison Mundie on 05 Nov 2008 at 04:13 PM

  The great kitchen garden move means that all the remaining veg needs to be harvested or replanted/moved – that’s quite a lot.   There are some gorgeous leeks, kales, leafbeets, and parsnips, all of which would normally crop over the winter.  Jerusalem artichokes usually would stay in the ground and be harvested as needed (the frost improves them), but we have lifted them, saved some of the good tubers for propagation, and distributed the rest among the hungry gardening hoards!   We are also picking lots of salads – oriental leaves, winter lettuce, chicories, and edible flowers  Despite a recent week of fairly severe frosts, these have all survived intact.   Chard or leafbeet is a really good spinach substitute, by the way – it made a great lentil and ‘spinach’ dahl the other evening (it doesn’t go as slimy as spinach).  You need to cut out the thick stems and just use the leaf for this, but the stem is also edible.   For the new veg area, garlic which would normally be planted around now in the ground has been put into pots to grow on over winter.   Also in pots are the overwintering broad beans, to give an earlier crop next year.   There is still a lot of colour in the 3x3 plot – purple, dark green and bright green kales, red chicories, blue-green leeks and multicoloured oriental leaves – veg gardens really don’t need to be bare and boring in winter. 



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