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Flaming June

Posted by Alison Mundie on 27 Jun 2008 at 04:18 PM


 Spent the early part of the week repairing damage from Sunday's gales and heavy rain - propping up the broad beans, tying escaping peas back in, staking battered cut flowers.  Last week's blog about plant supports turned out to be uncannily appropriate... 

We have been regularly harvesting lettuce and replacing them with module-grown plants, but several of the lettuce we cut a week or so ago are starting to resprout from the stems (the lettuces are cut off just above ground level).  Most lettuce will do this if you prefer to cut a whole plant rather than harvest on a cut-and-come-again system, ie. pick a few leaves at a time from each lettuce.  The variety in the photo is Red Salad Bowl. 


Some of the broad beans from last autumn's sowing are coming to an end now - especially after being flattened by the weather - after cutting them down (leaving the roots in the soil with their useful store of nitrogen) I'll direct sow some Florence fennel.  This is the bulb type of fennel rather than the herb and has a gorgeous aniseed flavour - it is best sown in summer rather than spring, as the cold nights will cause it to bolt (run to seed). 


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