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Frosts and Flowers

Posted by Alison Mundie on 20 May 2008 at 11:52 AM

Its so easy to be lulled into a false sense of summer after a few weeks of warm, sunny weather - we nearly brought out our courgettes and tomatoes from the nursery to the net tunnel on Monday, but fortunately checked the weather on the web first.   They would certainly not have liked 2 nights of frost, one down to -3C!    Even with 2 layers of fleece covering them, the emerging potatoes have suffered some damage, where the fleece was resting on the leaves.    


On the 3x3 plot, planting is ongoing - kales, red cabbage - for baby salad leaves then growing on a couple for cabbages - and many varieties of lettuce, including the smallest I have ever seen, Minigreen - a perfect miniature  iceberg-type.  It will be great for the childrens' lunch box bed. 

The chard from last year is producing a new flush of leaves before it goes to flower - these are a really handy harvest just now.  It will come out soon to make room for new crops.  Also removed are the lambs' lettuce (corn salad) and claytonia (miners' lettuce) which have been bravely supplying greens throughout the winter & are now flowering.  They look very pretty, and its worth leaving one or two to provide more plants - they self-seed very easily, and quite prolifically.  Don't worry tho, the seedlings are quite easy to remove. 

Autumn sown broad beans are in full flower and beginning to set pods so the growing tips of the plants will be removed to try to avoid the dreaded black bean aphids, and also to provide a delicious salad ingredient. 


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